September 26, 2017

not wut it is, its wut it do

Parts Galore run, 3 motor trip

Ryan, Carl and myself took to Parts Galore pick a part junkyard on 4/25/15. In three hours time we found and pulled three 2.4L PT cruiser engines. 2001 PT 2.4L for the car Paczki. Which will be 2.4L NA with BC Stage 4 cams, long tube header, 60mm throttle body, stiff suspension, with a 5 […]

CarlRT , Paczki , Purple People Eater


  Ginger ! Ginger is currently rocking a 2001 PT Cruiser 2.4L DOHC turbo motor with a stock 31th neon automatic trans. Ginger has gone through several motors before the decision to swap in a known good, rebuilt motor was installed. The Current motor was only refreshed with King race rod and main bearings. Srt-4 […]


Acquired another neon.

Picked up a 1996 black coupe. SOHC, 5 speed. Clutch is going out, brakes are bad, struts are blown. Work to be done.