September 26, 2017

not wut it is, its wut it do

Blu blew a headgasket and was overheating. Instead of just replacing the head gasket, swapped the 2.4L for another that was sitting in the garage. Will rebuild it when I find time. Swapped it in a few hours and in the rain.





20150520_214204 20150520_214211




When you are down on a ride, you need to get that ride back up and running. It is part of wut we do, get it done.


20150520_214218 20150520_214230 20150520_223024 20150520_223033


Took of the SRT cat and replace it with a cat delete pipe. Welded up the following day.

Got it started and drive the following morning.



Blu is back on the road driving again, more power than before.


Intense Blue with white hood, white trunk, white gas door, white neon bubbles wheels, 195/75/14, roof rack, hood bra, clear tails, clear markers, clear depo projectors, LED all around.

Blu , Neons