September 26, 2017

not wut it is, its wut it do

Last weekend, Woodward and Party Time

Went out to Woodward and went back to Robs to have a good time. Here are some pictures.

Blu , Ginger , Lunchbox , Neons

Pictures of Ginger Neon

Here are a few pictures of Carl’s Ginger. 2.4L SRT Turbo on a 2001 PT Cruiser motor, Running AEM FIC.

Ginger , Neons

Winter Beater Cruise – Belle Isle, Detroit, Michigan

Here are the winter beaters cruising Belle Isle in Detroit, Michigan. Carls Ginger – 2.0L SOHC Automatic, swapped to a 2.4L PT with SRT turbo, and still an automatic. Matts Blu – PT 2.4L NA 5speed, lifted with 195/75/14s. Brads Lunchbox – 2.0L dohc with SRT turbo Ryans Red car – stock 2.ol dohc, burning […]

Blu , Ginger , Lunchbox , Neons

Neons with the turbo that goes psh psh pop pop

Carl’s neon was spotted, and can’t stop replaying the video. Can’t help but laugh. Neon with the turbo that goes psh psh, pop, pop.      

Ginger , Neons

Sunday Funday, Wut it Do BBQ

BBQ     Tried to get some work done on the ‘Turd’, was able to get it a little bit closer to getting the auto out and manual in.         Skunk2 lowering springs, had laying around, put them on ‘Paczki’.           Justin’s DSM, brakes were metal on metal, […]

Ginger , Neons , Paczki , Turd


  Ginger ! Ginger is currently rocking a 2001 PT Cruiser 2.4L DOHC turbo motor with a stock 31th neon automatic trans. Ginger has gone through several motors before the decision to swap in a known good, rebuilt motor was installed. The Current motor was only refreshed with King race rod and main bearings. Srt-4 […]