September 26, 2017

not wut it is, its wut it do

Sunday Funday, Wut it Do BBQ

BBQ     Tried to get some work done on the ‘Turd’, was able to get it a little bit closer to getting the auto out and manual in.         Skunk2 lowering springs, had laying around, put them on ‘Paczki’.           Justin’s DSM, brakes were metal on metal, […]

Ginger , Neons , Paczki , Turd

Parts Galore run, 3 motor trip

Ryan, Carl and myself took to Parts Galore pick a part junkyard on 4/25/15. In three hours time we found and pulled three 2.4L PT cruiser engines. 2001 PT 2.4L for the car Paczki. Which will be 2.4L NA with BC Stage 4 cams, long tube header, 60mm throttle body, stiff suspension, with a 5 […]

CarlRT , Paczki , Purple People Eater

Acquired another neon.

Picked up a 1996 black coupe. SOHC, 5 speed. Clutch is going out, brakes are bad, struts are blown. Work to be done.