September 26, 2017

not wut it is, its wut it do

#Roadkill Nights at Pontiac Silverdome. This event was Powered by Dodge.

At the event there was drag racing, thrill ride, car show and a band. For how shortly this was planned, it came out good. The event itself was free but limited to 7,000. Needed to get vouchers online, and they “sold out” days before the event.


The thrill ride was a ride in the passenger seat of a Hellcat Charger, Hellcat Challenger and Dodge Viper.


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Car Show was setup between the thrill ride and 1/8th mile drag stripe.




Then the main part of the even was the 1/8th mile street race event.


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There was a competition of the top 6 dodges to fight it out to win a Hellcat drivetrain. There was a Dodge Cummins truck tearing up the tract, but lost in the last race.


Gas Monkey Garage was there and had a grudge race against the RoadKill team.